What is Warrior Maca?

Why Warrior Maca ?

The old Peruvian legends say that the Inca Warriors used to take Maca to increase stamina and energy and prevail in battle. The use of Warrior Maca may help you connect to the spirit of those strong Inca warriors whose victories are the stuff of legend.

Like many of us  you may well be one of the ‘everyday warriors’ who has to fight and win those daily challenges.  But do you sometimes feel a bit exhausted and wish you could feel like a strong and mighty Inca Warrior of old?

If, even for just a while, you’d like to feel the power of that ancient warrior strength then read on…

OK, so you might now ask yourself…

What is Maca?

Maca root comes from a plant that is cultivated high up in the Peruvian Andes, but only in places that are about 4’000 meters above  sea level. Historical record and traditional folklore tells us that root of the plant has been used as a healthy herb for centuries, and that Peruvians have used maca as a part of their diet for its restorative values for just as long. The legends have it that the Inca warriors used to eat this herb before going out to battle in order to enhance their fighting spirit.

Maca root has a history of may helping individuals improve strength, sexual health, and stamina*. It also presents a complete selection of nutrients that together make this herb a prime natural  adaptogen.

Adaptogens are said to produce a none specific response to stress, and have a normalizing influence on the body. They may also have an overall balancing and optimizing effect  which is why Maca is so popular among many athletes.

What are the nutrients found in Maca?

Approximately half of the maca root is carbohydrate – an essential energy source, that  is  naturally balanced by proteins that aid in the repair, growth and preservation of our muscle tissues.
Maca also contains calcium that is helpful in building and maintaining teeth and bones as well as ensuring the proper health and functioning of our nervous system. In addition, calcium has an important role to play insuring our blood circulation is as good as it can be. The herb also contains iron and other essential minerals.

One of those Magnesium, is required by the cells of your body, and it is vital for the efficient functioning of the nerves and muscles. Maca is packed with significant levels of other essential vitamins  and will also contribute to your daily requirement for dietary fibre. A lack of dietary fibre may often be associated with issues such as diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and obesity.
Maca may also aid in the prevention as well as recovery from gastrointestinal problems, and it may helps reduce the blood pressure too.

Maca varies by colour:

There are different varieties of Maca available and each of these species is usually identified by the colour of the hypocotyls or root. It can be found coloured yellow-gold, cream, red, purple, green, black or grey.
Roots in each of these colours will usually have the same fundamental nutritional profile however the change in colour will typically revel a small though significant shift in proportions of the secondary phytonutrients.

What are the benefits of Warrior Maca?

Warrior Maca is a specially selected natural product that is grown at high altitude in Peru. From beginning to end it takes about eight months to produce plants of the required quality and excellence. The plants are allowed to grow at their natural pace in order for the nutritional profile to fully develop.

Following the best traditional practices, the natural drying process takes at least three months  –  after which the  dried roots are sorted for quality, cleaned and then divided into smaller fragments. The best parts of the dried roots are taken through another stage of traditional processing to reduce the starch content, and to ensure that the nutrients may be more easily absorbed by the body .

Certification and dosage:

In the final stages, the resulting maca powder is carefully prepared in the USA in accordance with the GMP (Good Marketing Practice), for FDA registered pharmaceutical manufactures.

The individual capsules are made using HPMC.  This is a plant based cellulose material known to be safe for vegan use. Each capsule has about 500 mg of concentrated Maca Powder.

What is the Suggested Use?

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1 to 3 times a day, before meals, with water.

There are no other specific rules or set dosages, but before taking any supplements, always consult a doctor or health practitioner to find out what works best for you. Maca is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember to store Maca in a cool and dry place. Keep out reach of children.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.